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THE compact tourer

A simple bike to take you anywhere.


What's in the box?

We’ve taken an affordable reproduction honda and tested which components were up to our standards. The parts that didn’t make the cut have been upgraded. We tested a number of off the shelf parts in order to select the perfect parts in order to create a quality but affordable compact touring bike. We will can further adapt the bike to your specification. You also have the option of a 50-125cc Engine.

With the Compact tourer, we have

  • added dual sport tyres for better Off-road performance

  • Increased suspension travel

  • Improve breaks

  • Replace many of the standard parts with more resilient components

We will be adding more available parts to this model with the help of our community, the first being a new saddle design that incorporates points to attach more luggage and more comfort oriented design.

So as we develop more parts you will have the option of improving an upgrading parts of your bike too. 



Design and build together.

We're building a platform to develop our bikes as a community.

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Keith Bond of CBRS has been supporting the project from the beginning. He has kindly given us licence to get creative with his bikes and customise them as we feel fit. 

His company specialises in low capacity scooter and motorcycles and is based in Milton Keynes.

You can find them at

Big thanks to Keith and his support for the project.


Ed  March

The adventurer and traveller, known for touring round the world on a Honda c90, is collaborating in the project.

Ed estimates he has ridden 110,000 miles in 36 countries all on a Honda C90 across some of the most remote and inaccessible terrain in the world.

Ed brings an unsurpassed level of understanding of all the bikes' potential, features and flaws. Making him the perfect collaborator.


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