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Our Story

Projectmod.org is a retail and development space, informed and lead by a community of likeminded experts (people like yourself).

What are we trying to do? Our aim is to develop a range of affordable motorbikes that are, easy to work on, cheap to buy, easy to adapt, environmentally friendly and Improved and developed by a community of users

How are we going to do it? Not by designing a whole a new motorbike, we want to work on one that is already pretty good. One with thousands of variations, millions of new users and an extensive aftermarket and custom parts catalogue, and to top it all off, thousands of experts from all around the world who love the bikes, the engines and there design.

We will reduce the amount of tools necessary to work on the bike by replacing and standardising nuts, bolts and Allen key sizes wherever possible.

By not starting from scratch and instead improving a Chinese copy of a Honda cl90; using quality off the shelf parts as much as possible, we can keep the development costs down.

We will source and design replacement parts that can be bolted straight on to your bike to make it perform better. In that way, if you buy a MOD Mk1 you can still bolt on Mk6 parts.

The enfaces on the way we select and design parts will be in achieving environmental gains. This might be by, extending the life of the vehicle or improving the efficiency of the engine. As well as other general performance gains.

We want to develop an online community to inform the design direction of our bikes and teach each other in how to maintain, repair and improve their Motorbikes. When enough of the community agree on a problem that that is what we will try to resolve.

We believe a community of users have a better idea of what they want or need and how to make it happen than large multinational organisations who main intention is to make money.

We are collaborating with a number of institutions, businesses and individuals who are helping us realise the project Mod vision. If you want to collaborate with us or find out more about who is working with us, take a look at our collaborations page.  

Our first bike is a compact tourer, inspired by Ed March and the way these bikes are already being used around the world as light weight work horses used to carry goods across muddy fields and bad roads.

We need your help, come and join the journey