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Project MOD is an affordable motorcycle, that can be easily customised and personalised to your unique lifestyle.  The base bike is a copy of a Honda CL90. We chose this bike because it’s cheap, simple and still being produced in the millions every year. We think that these bikes can be better suited to their user, who all have unique requirements for their lifestyle, so we are going design and produce parts to cater to them. We want to design and produce these parts in collaboration with the bikes users on an open development platform.

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We believe that we can reduce carbon emissions in two ways. We can encourage people to fix, improve and update their bike instead of scrapping the whole thing and purchasing a replacement. This eliminates the need to produce a whole new bike. In the near future petrol and diesel vehicles will be illegal. And while we believe this is a good thing, we think that it’s better for the environment and cheaper for the user to upgrade existing vehicles with green technology, such as electric engines, than to produce a whole new vehicle.


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Our first step is to produce the design for a touring bike setup. We plan to achieve this through testing "off-the-shelf" parts and designing and producing our own. We are also starting to research how to easily integrate electric-assist technology into the bike.